Slow food from our own farming.

A way of life. Enjoying without haste, healthy, original. Best products, primarily from the region and freshly harvested natural products from the family-run farm. Those are our ingredients, you’ll taste it. Our Pinzgau cows provide us with the milk and the beef from the Pinzgau suckling calf. Our hens are in charge of the breakfast eggs and the edible summer garden at Wiesergut treats us to wild herbs, berries and fruit from the meadow orchards. Old family recipes reinterpreted, authentic, genuine. And the Wiesergut wine vault harbours treasures from exceptional winegrowers. A matter of the heart! WIESERGUT. Deeply rooted.


Wiesergut restaurant enjoyment

Restaurant, courtyard, terrace, piazza, living room – everywhere is a favourite place. Every day a new choice.



Coffee with milk and healthy juices

Breakfast in the WIESERGUT means pure enjoyment. Wherever you fancy is fine with us.


Noah’s Ark – Handmade wine

Wine and truffles in the Wiesergut

A wine like the Wiesergut. Pure handicraft from the winemaker Clemens Strobl.



The love for detail allows for a consistent whole. In keeping with this motto, we have been pampering our guests for many years in our lodge on the Reiterkogel, 1,500 m above Hinterglemm.

Take a look inside

Wieseralm outdoor area


Piazza in the Hotel

The WIESERGUT Piazza stimulates the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and above all tasting.


Inner courtyard

Wiesergut inner courtyard

Having time means knowing what you want to have time for and what not.


popular bar


Here guests meet to wrap up the day. A day in WIESERGUT ends how it ends. Without a plan. Often here. Socialising, conversing, recalling the day’s events. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to enjoy extraordinary wines from exceptional Austrian winegrowers. The WIESERGUT wine vault harbours true treasures. Also our WIESERGUT WINE Noah’s Ark.

WIESERGUT. Harmonious.

Ring of fire

The original. A ring of fire makes up the natural focal point in WIESERGUT. The ring of fire beckons to live and enjoy.



Voucher Shop

Give away time and happiness. To people close to your heart. With a voucher for the WIESERGUT.