Slow food from our own farming.

As Miguel de Cervantes said so fittingly: "You need to give time some time as well." in our fast-paced times it's good to know a place which decelerates, reassures and grounds. The WIESERGUT wants to be such a place for you. A place in which you can enjoy without hurry. With freshly harvested natural produce from the family-run farm and home-made cooking based on wild herbs. Delightful, conscious and regional. Bacon, beef from Pinzgau sucking calf, milk and eggs come from our own production. In summer, tasty wild herb salads, fruit cake and home-made jams from the WIESERGUT-garden. Our guests will find edible gardens and can pick their own snacks from the meadow orchards or the berry plots.


 Herbs and shrimp dish in the Wiesergut restaurant

The restaurant and the adjacent cosy dining room will make you feel at home right off the bat.



Egg dishes for breakfast

Breakfast in the WIESERGUT is pure enjoyment. Wherever you fancy is fine with us.



The love for detail allows for a consistent whole. In keeping with this motto, we have been pampering our guests for many years in our lodge on the Reiterkogel, 1,500 m above Hinterglemm.

Take a look inside


Piazza with wood stove

The WIESERGUT Piazza stimulates the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and above all tasting.


Inner courtyard

Wiesergut Courtyard with fire bowl

Having time means knowing what you want to have time for and what not.




The WIESERGUT Bar is the place where you can recall the day's events, and will readily find a captive audience. As once Thomas Merton said so fittingly "Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, sequence, rhythm and harmony." How right he was indeed.

Ring of fire

A ring of fire makes up the natural central point in the Designhotel WIESERGUT: the Feuerring.