Boutique Hotel
Saalbach Hinterglemm

Boutique Hotel
Saalbach Hinterglemm

A place
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Discover the Wiesergut-Spirit

Designhotel Austria

Surrounded by meadows full of flowers and herbs, the Designhotel Wiesergut lies at the foot of Zwölferkogel Mountain in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Here, where the Kröll family has been tilling the land since the 14th century, farming combines with a luxurious lifestyle. A power place full of exciting contrasts. Unparalleled.


Genuine & down-to-earth

Here, peace and quiet are not just words. With the very first step you’ll enter a different world. One where time passes slower than in everyday life. One that puts relaxation before everything else. With our hideaway we have created a place of seclusion, where you can truly wind down and recharge your batteries. Amidst nature – indoors and outdoors. Grounded, down-to-earth, yet of the very highest quality level. Casual luxury instead of swanky gaudiness. Back to the roots translated into the contemporary.

We call it bliss • 

“Yes, we are a luxury hotel without star rating. We don’t place any value in that, because the only stars that interest us are those in heaven’s tent.”

Sepp Kröll, host


Puristic & secure

As small as possible – that was the aim right from the start. A second home, a retreat with plenty of space, air and light. Together with Monika Gogl from Gogl & Partner architects from Innsbruck, we realised this vision: A closed unit, yet always in contact with the surrounding nature. At the centre a courtyard with plenty of seating, the ring of fire, fruit trees and raised beds. Surrounded by the seven luxury suites with private gardens, connected through a glass passageway on the way to the bathhouse. Opposite you’ll find the manor with another 17 suites. No matter if here or there – oversized glass surfaces in almost every area of the hotel open up views of the mountains and meadows. Nature puts on spectacles on the stage of the seasons, while inside timeless natural stone and manually processed black steel dance in tune with regional wood and premium linen. Unagitated. Perfect choreography.

Site plan


Amidst the endless universe there is a place where fortune seekers find refuge. The Wiesergut as an allegory of Noah’s Ark, which symbolises not only the archaic character of the hotel, but also visualises the unequal relationship between man and nature.

Interior Design

Timeless & natural

The interior design was also fashioned by Monika Gogl as our partner in crime. Together with her, Martina Kröll with her sense for the beautiful has developed a timeless style that puts our collection with nature and the region at centre stage. Hardly an element is off-the-rack, but was crafted by artisans from the region with regional raw materials exclusively for the Wiesergut. Furniture from oak and walnut wood, forged room dividers with the recurring element of the flower of life, metal hooks, gently cascading curtains from farmers linen and handwoven carpets set the tone. Mouth-blown designer lamps by Isabell Hamm, handcrafted ceramics by Petra Lindenbauer and selected furniture from Scandinavian designers such as Finn Juhl/Moller and Arne Jakobsen make every room and area in the hotel a walk-in work of art that you can admire up close.


Open-hearted & traditional

Surrounded by rustic wooden houses with geraniums by the windows, the white, puristic main building of the Wiesergut in Saalbach-Hinterglemm clearly stands out. Alpine meadows and mountains dominate the scenery. Be it in summer or winter – adventurous and unforgettable moments in nature attract guests from across the world into our little valley. Because here not only 400 km of hiking trails and numerous summit views await, but 400 km of bike trails and 270 km of downhill runs for skiers also wait to be discovered.


The world’s top skiers are coming! From 4 – 16 February 2025 Saalbach will be hosting the FIS Alpine Ski WC. Don’t miss out, book your room now!

Voucher • 

Double bliss for summer opening

In June we are doubling selected special goodies: €100 SPA voucher per person, 2 x Kaiserschmarrn or snack in the Wieseralm or an exclusive Rotwild e-bike for 2 days!