Boutique Hotel
Saalbach Hinterglemm

Boutique Hotel
Saalbach Hinterglemm

Since the 14th century the Kröll family has been tilling the land at the “Wiesern” estate. But it’s not only farming that has been in the Kröll’s blood since generations, hospitality has, too.



Traditional & original

Even in times past, travellers were offered a bed and freshly baked bread with fresh herbs from the meadow. At first by great-grandmother Gertraud on the farm, later by Sepp’s parents in their 3-star family hotel with 100 beds. This family tradition is being continued by Sepp Kröll and his wife Martina since 2012 in Wiesergut in their own very special way. A photo gallery in the piazza still beckons to embark on a little journey into the past.


Visionary & grounded

Maybe it was coincidence, or maybe fate, that Sepp and Martina Kröll first met at a wedding. Soulmates. Having been together for many years and with three children, despite many obstacles and an almost desperate search for like-minded architects the two have created a destination on the family plot, where they would love to go on holiday themselves. Where day by day they can meet like-minded souls and people with a modern attitude, who appreciate luxury in close touch with nature as much as uncompromising quality standards and a love for detail, that unites the two.


Friendly & relaxed

With their hearts in the right place. That’s what our long-term staff have, who have left their mark on the Wiesergut together with hosts Martina and Sepp Kröll. No matter who you meet at reception, in the restaurant or in the bathhouse – the Wiesergut crew always has a friendly ear for your individual requests and keeps surprising guests with handwritten messages and little courtesies. Stiff formality is not our way. With a genuine smile on the face and sometimes a witty one-liner on the lips, we give our best every day to soon welcome you back as guests again in your second home.


The timelessly chic Dirndls worn by our female staff were designed exclusively for the Wiesergut by designers from the region.