Wiesergut”, once called “Wiesern”, is an ancient manor
which has stood on this piece of earth in the mountains since 1350:
a place where traditional values have been preserved.

Our family is still farming the land.
Despite the authentic and traditional architecture,
we are constantly heading for new horizons.

The style is clear and down-to-earth.
Bright, airy and natural places enhance the well-being,
Simplicity turns out to be a merit,
opening the eyes for deep insights and wide outlooks.

Nature sets the tone in the decoration:
unprocessed wood and timeless natural stone,
weathered leather and fluffy natural fabrics.

The interior merges seamlessly with the exterior.
Culinary delights thoughtfully prepared with locally sourced produce.
Crusty “Wiesern” bread, baked in the wood-fired oven.

Handcrafted, savoury and healthy food
and wholesome ingredients from the kitchen garden.
We pride ourselves on serving food, which deserves its name.

A place to enjoy relaxation, precious oils and care by skilful hands
as well as the beneficial heat of fire and water.
And every evening you can enjoy the pleasant feeling
of conviviality with genuine and warm-hearted people.

“WIESERGUT” – We call it happiness.

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