A boutique hotel – Unique in its design

Deeply rooted in its native land

The WIESERGUT goes back a long time. On our plot an estate called Wiesern has been standing since 1350. Its name: Wiesern. Its treasure, the on-site spring, powerful and energetic. Since generations, the farming has been in family hands. In this place, values are preserved and a free spirit and creativity fostered. Today, tradition and modernity blend completely naturally at Wiesergut.

The architecture of our design hotel is archaic and trendsetting at once. Light, air and nature flow in every corner, the borders between indoors and outdoors become blurred. Breathe nothing but peacefulness and feel serenity.

WIESERGUT. We call it bliss.


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The WIESERGUT at a glance

Wiesergut at a glance

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Logo Wiesergut

Our logo

The WIESERGUT logo symbolises the preserving, archaic character. It shows the front of Noah's Ark with the ship's hull and the bow in synergy with our planet earth (star) and the universe surrounding us (border).


Noah’s Ark – the wine

Wine and truffles in the Wiesergut

A wine like the Wiesergut. Pure handicraft from the winemaker Clemens Strobl.


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