fire ring

The fireplace, which we call “Fire Ring”, is the natural centrepiece of WIESERGUT Design Hotel. Mr Andreas Reichlin, a Swiss sculptor and artist specialising in metalwork, has artfully and skilfully created a stunning object: is it a sculpture, a fireplace or a barbecue?

The “Fire Ring” of the WIESERGUT Hotel pleases the eyes of design enthusiasts, provides heat in winter, creates a romantic atmosphere on summer evenings and is a perfect grill for convivial barbecues in the inner courtyard. We are looking forward to serving you a glass of wine next to the crackling fire.

Mr Andreas Reichlin, the creator of the “Fire Ring”

Earth, fire, water and air, the four elements of life

The “Fire Ring” – an aesthetic and sensual artefact

The material of the “Fire Ring” is extracted from the earth. Air and water are essential for fire lighting and extinction. The burning fire is a source of heat and a place of conviviality.

An artful sculpture, which combines aesthetic design and functionality for a fascinating barbecue experience.

Treats from the grill: meat, vegetables, seafood and sweet delicacies – outstanding culinary delights in a special atmosphere.