The luxury of down-to-earth living.

The WIESERGUT and WIESERALM are supplied by their own farm. From the garden to the table, from their own farm to the plate. Sepp Kröll is a visionary and farmer, a hotelier and host. His Pinzgau cows are everything to him and his daily work at the stables keeps him grounded. Farming is an honest craft. Milk and eggs from the farm. Herbs and salad from the gardens. Fruit straight from the trees. For home-made juices, jams, herb cream cheese and chutneys. The secret of the WIESERGUT: bread and butter, home made by the Senior Manager. Our bacon is also made by our Senior Manager in person. The game comes from our own hunting grounds. Life in harmony with nature, tradition and the seasons.

WIESERGUT. A lively homeland.


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