Says a man who ought to know. Sepp Kröll knows what he's talking about. After all, the Wiesergut is what it always has been - a refuge for those looking for nature and relaxation. It was years ago that the Krölls were one of the first to provide a holiday on the farm. Traditional, providing contact with nature and a special elegance.

Re-designing the property to create a very special designer hotel was a process that his parents backed from the outset. Always confident in their son's visionary ideas. The result? Is there to see. Yet nature still has a key role to play in the Wiesergut. A few examples maybe? The traditional Wieser bread, baked in a wood-fired oven to a tried and true recipe, lets guests have a part in the history of this place. There are still animals on the farm, guaranteeing short transport routes and long-lasting pleasure. Bacon, meat from Pinzgau beef and sucking calves, while milk and eggs are produced on the farm too. And Sepp Kröll is also able to tell you a bit about his animals.

When the cattle 'have had enough'

Have you ever noticed how cattle behave when their peace is disturbed? By a dog that is not on a lead for instance. Or by inattentive walkers who get too close to their calves. 'It all kicks off', says Sepp. Then those concerned have to take to their heels and run.

Otherwise Sepp loves being with his 'ladies'. 'My animals energise and balance me', he explains. Whether in the stables or in the field, the peacefulness of his animals rubs off on him too. Coming down, relaxing, this is what he particularly cherishes when he is with the cows on the Wieseralm.

Sepp Kröll
Sepp Kröll

'With a farm you don't lose your grounding. The animals, looking after them, being integrated in the course of nature, which dictates nothing; re-grounding, when things threaten to go into orbit.'

Naomi, the beloved

Naomi has a special place in Sepp's heart. Naomi who? Naomi, the little calf. Because her eyelashes are so beautifully long. Pigs, hens and cats complete the Wiesergut’s menagerie. One thing is certain – at the Wiesergut Sepp brings together the hotel realm and his hobby as a farmer tranquilly, consistently and with a great deal of love. The Wiesergut way. Sustainability the way you want it to be.