Wiesergut – good through and through

One by one and wholly – the Wiesergut invigorates your senses. The Wiesergut can even be hired in its entirety. Make the most of the energy of this place to plan your event with us.

Once upon a time ... or something like that is how stories from our childhood began, so colourful, so exciting, so filled with adventure. So too started the legends that started at one time, in a distant memory, and that live on today – in a different way. This is how it is in the Wiesergut too. Did you know that since 1350, on the area where the resort stands today, that there was a farm called ‘Wiesern’? The traditional Wiesern bread which is baked according to an age-old recipe in the wood-fired oven, enables guests to sample a piece of the history of this place today. In the 20th century the farm became an adventure playground – one of the first. And this pioneering spirit is clearly in the Kröll’s blood, since the youngsters – Martina and Josef – have evolved from the Wiesergut too. So far so good.

One by one and wholly – the Wiesergut invigorates the senses

And that is the way of it with a holiday resort – everyone can let a room as they see fit. Enjoy wonderful days in Saalbach by yourself, as a couple or with friends. But what is not so well-known is that you can let our the resort in its entirety too. Planning a wedding? Just want to be with friends and family and dance in the garden without any disturbance? Or enjoy a lie-in after wonderful celebrations, enjoy your morning coffee and enjoy a lovely day in the company of your nearest and dearest. Well you can do just that in the Wiesergut.

Or maybe you want to hire something very special for your staff or your clients, a sweet incentive, so to speak. You can definitely do this with the Wiesergut. You have our word.

Work and holiday – dream combination

Maybe work doesn’t always have to be connected to a classic workplace. Maybe a conference, a workshop or whatever can be held in a very relaxed atmosphere. And who knows, the outcomes might even be particularly expedient. We can well imagine that.

Be that as it may. We are delighted to make our resort available to you. For private celebrations, incentives, conferences and other events. Including our expertise, our hospitality and an atmosphere that yields energy. Provides peace and quiet. Tempting you to contemplate.

Wiesergut – wholly good.