The sum of good intentions, thoughts, deeds

‘Happiness is harmony, when the things that surround us just are.’ A lovely quote that really does suit the Wiesergut. It is people who make this resort what is it - a place at peace with itself. Which energises. Calms. Imparts tranquillity.

When a visitor looks into themselves then that step to enjoying their own happy-filled moments is complete. Just relaxing provides the power to enjoy what is offered to its fullest. That is indeed a piece of happiness.


‘Happiness is harmony, when the things around us just are.’

Admittedly, the initiator of this quote isn’t known. To us at least. No matter, it is about what happiness in the Wiesergut can mean. Harmony. A string of letters that, thanks to their melodious sound, slinks in our auditory canals, ensconces itself in our brain and creates a comforting feeling in our belly. Harmony. Sounds lovely; means more. The word stems – at a guess – from Ancient Greek and means ‘symmetry’. Another lovely word. The concept of harmony was initially the core of Pythagorean considerations. Natural philosophers regarded harmony in nice proportion as an entity of moderation and value. How the concept came to be further developed, may be discussed at another juncture.

Symmetry of lovely things that surround us

The translation of harmony in the Wiesergut is more exciting. It is here that we find the tradition that the resort is based on. The Wiesergut is a cornucopia of old handed-down values which today culminate in the farmstead and its offer. It was the forebears of the Kröll family, who breathed life into this choice location. The family have devoted themselves to agriculture for a long time, being able to live a satisfying life working with what the soil brought them. Surrounded by this life from time immemorial, by pristine natural surroundings that, treated with respect, provided what was necessary. Then came the young Krölls, who went new ways, working painstakingly. The result – a holiday resort that is in harmony with its inhabitants and the natural surroundings. Everything is considered. A great deal of emphasis is place on harmony. Harmony with the surrounding area. So this location is the sum of good intentions, thoughts, words and deeds. What could be more fortuitous than being able to live here?