Say I do; to a life together as a couple. In the Wiesergut

What could be nicer than celebrating a special occasion. With friends, surrounded by friends. And when it is the celebration of celebrations, then the day will be unforgettable.

When the Kröll family take care of the celebrations, everything will be just as you have dreamed of. Maybe even a little bit nicer. Whether you are planning an evening with us, hiring out the whole resort, anything is possible. We will lend our support to meet your needs. With all our experience, commitment and happy nature. What can go wrong?

Just imagine the following. You have found your life partner. Then the saying: marry in haste, repent at leisure. So things progress; the gifts have been given. You are both convinced. We'll take the plunge. Congratulations. Now the organising starts. And no, you don’t want a wedding planner. It is your wedding. You’re right. Then thoughts turn to a fantastic location. Where might our day unfold.

In the right place.

Last summer we were in Salzburg in the Wiesergut. It was fantastic. This tranquillity, this idyll. And the hospitality really was unique. We want to head there and we will call.

Really? That’s possible? We will reserve a date for you right now. And a wedding suite. How many people are coming? That’s not certain yet. Of course we want to reserve a room, it should be a celebration of the senses. Hire the whole resort? That can be done? Fantastic idea.

All together in the resort

What will happen will happen. All the wedding guests are inspired by the idea, the 24 suites are booked in a flash. And the wedding suite, well that is like no other. The setting is more than enough for 100 people.

And so the adventure-packed wedding begins. Check-in, welcome, arrive; everything running with that lovely serenity so befitting of the Wiesergut. The initial get-together the evening before gives you an inkling of how fantastic the next day will be. Indulged with wonderful food, everyone feels well looked after, not just the wedding couple.

And the hosts, the Krölls? Well they are taking care of everything in the background. Professionally, with no fuss and a great deal of attention to detail. Agape after the ceremony with home-baked bread, seamlessly progressing to the meal, featuring 'Slow Food' from the region. And then things get going. The party gets started, everyone feels in high spirits. As things were meant to be. And at midnight another snack at the romantic fire ring. Little wonder that no-one wants to go to bed.

By dawn the last few guests have disappeared to their suites. The Wiesergut team are already preparing for a new day, a hangover breakfast for those who have enjoyed a lie-in is obligatory. In short, recovery is taken care of. But that’s another story.