Infinity– a little piece of everlastingness

Just a brief moment, a jump, then a dive into infinity. The new Infinity Pool in the Wiesergut, which measures 20 x 4 m, promises just that.

He plucked up courage, pushed himself from the edge of the pool and hovered in the air like a bird for a split second, until he dived head first into another element. Into water. He was surrounded by fresh water that enveloped his body like a second skin. He moved with powerful strokes under the water to the edge of the pool, where he surfaced, sputtering. He drank in the aromatic air of the late afternoon, the intense smells of herbs and meadow flowers activating his brain. He lets his thoughts wander. Far beyond the boundaries of the Wiesergut. He did not hold them tightly, he let them fly to new heights; no boundaries; one idea flowing to another. Nothing forbidden; everything allowed.

Spring water for body and mind

He held himself above the water at the edge of the Infinity Pool. Effortlessly, almost weightlessly his body hovered above the spring water, which, at 32 degrees was more than just pleasant. The views across the landscape whisked him off into a cheerful, almost euphoric mood, seamlessly matching the surroundings in the Wiesergut. The lush green of the trees, the play of colour in the meadows eased him further into this mood. Nothing burdened him. So much moved him. Everything made him happy.

Explorations that are well worthwhile

Maybe 20 minutes passed for him to gather himself. Curious as to what the pool still had to offer, he began a voyage of discovery. You would hardly think it possible the secrets a pool is able to conceal. In this 20 x 4 m playground he discovered massage loungers and massage jets which made his body tingle. He luxuriated in the water, enjoyed the sunshine on his face, while entrusting his body to the stimulating tingling from the jets. Suddenly a call cut through the tranquillity. 'Honey, I'm getting ready for dinner'. He had actually forgotten time in this oasis.

Experience this for yourself

Experience this for yourself

Enjoy the moment together with your loved one and experience what our family-run hideaway has to offer.

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