Hiking – a special way to slow down

The little butterfly that flies across our path, the gentian in bloom, whose vibrant blue provides a contrast to the yellow of the dandelion. All these impressions set our hearts racing.

And how better to enjoy them than while hiking? And so you can soak up the nature in our surrounding area that little bit more, at that little bit more intensely,we are giving you a few tips as to where the idyllic mountain realm is especially lovely.

Hiking, trekking, walking. Truthfully, as children we were not that enthusiastic when it was time to ‘head into the mountains’. But when we were out there, nature in all its guises inspired us. So, would you like a few tips as to how you really can enjoy hiking? Well, we’re happy to oblige.

From the Wiesergut across the Wieseralm to the Hochalmspitze

Start out opposite the Wiesergut resort to tackle and enjoy this hike to the Wieseralm. After around 1 – 1 ½ hours you come to the Alpine pasture, where you can relax a little after completing the first section of the hike, and enjoy nature to the full.

The thirst for adventure takes you into further the mountains, we recommend a walk to the Hochalmspitze. Walking for between 1 ½ and 2 hours, you are rewarded with wonderful panoramic views to the valley and the surrounding summits. Take a bit of time to enjoy it.

Tristkogel – always a pleasure

If you prefer something a little more tranquil, we recommend the Tristkogel. Whether at sunrise or when the sun is shining, this mountain is always worth hiking to. You can get to Lengau car park at the head of the valley by car, or take the hiking bus. From there, head out via Lindlingalm and the well signposted path, past Ossmannalm to the Saaljoch. But take note, the direct ascent to the summit is only to be tackled by mountain hikers who are sure-footed and who have a head for heights.

After crossing the summit you climb out of the tor, past the wonderful Hochtorsee, and via the Pfandebenalm you come to the Lindlingalm. Factor in about 2 1/2 – 3 hours for the climb. Total walking time is around 5 ½ hours.

So now – snap on your hiking shoes and head into the mountains.

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