Harley – a legend conquers the world. And the Wiesergut

A droning fills the air. The ground vibrates. Help, the apocalypse is nigh. I turn my head. Looking forward, then back. Looking for the source of this din, that is intensifying second by second. There, round the corner emerges the initiator of this spectacle. Harleys, gleaming in the sunshine.

Their chrome competes with the light. There are eight of them, bending round the home straight. They clatter into the farm at a leisurely pace. Their engines are switched off. Climbing down from dreams of youth that have become reality. Now they’ve all arrived.

Cool cats welcome

The usual peace and tranquillity has been restored. Five men and three women line up in front of their hot engines. They peel themselves from their gear, take off their helmets. Daredevil guys bearded and not and pretty ladies with bandanas emerge – all with one thing in common. They have a roguish sense of humour and Harleys, that are always in their line of sight.

Arrive and enjoy – applies to cool guys too

Friendly, they want to know if they are in the right place here. Where? In the Wiesergut of course. ‘Welcome’, is our answer. And with that, the secret of this armada is revealed. They have arrived after a journey that has brought them here from Northern Europe. Destination oriented. They wanted to spend a few days in the Wiesergut. With us. To feel good, relax. Maybe even treat themselves to a tasteful gin or whisky in the evening. After all, their job in the company is demanding and monopolises them enough throughout the year. And the bikes? Yes, that is their hobby. Has been for decades. Having come from the daily grind, during their time off they enjoy the freedom to do what they dream of. And this year they wanted to go to the Wiesergut. To us. And so it is that the car park has become their exhibition space.

It is lovely to have you here. We have space for all of you. Cool cats too.

Experience this for yourself

Experience this for yourself

Enjoy the moment together with your loved one and experience what our family-run hideaway has to offer.

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