Noah’s Ark – a wine just like Wiesergut

Slow food, slow wine. Everything matches. One thing doesn’t work without the other. Uncompromising passion. Sepp Kröll and Clemens Strobl live for what they do. This gave rise to Noah’s Ark, the wine for the Wiesergut. Pure handicraft. Manual harvesting, full ripeness, no squeezing when picking, no pre-mature fermentation. No compromises.

The wine has character, just like its region of origin: The Wagram mountain range. This primeval mountain chain in the heart of Lower Austria is home to wine maker Clemens Strobl.

Motto of the exceptional winemaker:
Motto of the exceptional winemaker:

“Less is more, because wine is not ‘made’. The natural processes take their course. For people who know what they want."

Noah’s Ark , the wine. Exclusively for the Wiesergut.

WIESERGUT. Handmade for individualists.

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