WIESERGUT Restaurant

The restaurant and the cosy adjoining room convey immediately a feeling of cosiness. The kitchen team, who are committed to the “Slow Food” philosophy, prepare dishes with fresh local produce, hand-picked ingredients from the kitchen garden and aromatic spices from the herb garden. Well-chosen Austrian wines, high quality brandies and refreshing water from our own private well complete the culinary delights. The guests of WIESERGUT Hotel appreciate the wide choice from the varied menu, which includes traditional Austrian specialities and our crossover meals. So you may indulge yourself one day with a tender and crisp cutlet and the next day with a seven course menu. Another highlight of the restaurant is a convivial meal from the shared pan.

View into the adjoining room from the restaurant

Culinary delights served on handcrafted ceramics, designed by Mrs Petra Lindenbauer.

Perhaps there are things, which you have never tasted before in your life.

Plain and down-to-earth, yet cosy and warm – the adjoining room

It is really cosy, isn’t it?

Our raised beds provide plenty of delights – Patrick, our head chef is not the only one to be enthusiastic about it.

Culinary delights are no coincidence – they require knowhow, passion, curiosity and dedication.

We adore contrasts: in the kitchen, in the rooms and on the table.