culinary delights


As Miguel de Cervantes aptly put it: “Time ripens all things ….” In our speedy world, it is good to know a place where to slow down, to calm down and to come back down to earth. Our WIESERGUT Hotel is designed to be such a place. A place where, you can enjoy without hurry, fresh organic products from our family run farm transformed into homemade dishes with wild herbs: delightful, thoughtful and local. The bacon, the meat from the homebred sucking calf, the milk and the eggs come from our own farm. In summer, we serve delicious wild herb salads, fruit cake and homemade jams made from fruit harvested in our own WIESERGUT orchard. In front of the Garden Suites, there is an orchard with trees and shrubs, the fruits and berries of which the guests can eat.



Breakfast at WIESERGUT Hotel means enjoying culinary delights wherever you prefer it: in the restaurant, in the inner courtyard, in the “Piazza” lounge, on your private sun terrace or even in bed.


WIESERGUT “Piazza” lounge stimulates the senses: see, hear, feel, smell and above all taste. It is a place to spend a leisurely few hours on a dull day.



Having some spare time left requires us to sort out what is worth using it for and what it is not. Our inner courtyard is a marvellous retreat to calm down.

fire ring

The fireplace, which we call “Fire Ring”, is the natural centrepiece of WIESERGUT Design Hotel.

Aprés ski

The WIESERGUT Hotel is conveniently located close to the ground station of “Zwölferkogelbahn” cable car, which takes the visitors on top of the skiing area. The final descent in the evening will bring you directly back to our resort, where a warm-hearted welcome awaits you.

The bar of WIESERGUT Hotel and the “PIAZZA” lounge are marvellous places to sip a warm après-ski drink or a glass of wine and to taste oven-fresh chestnuts or a small cheese platter in front of the open fireplace.



The restaurant and the cosy adjoining room convey immediately a feeling of cosiness. The kitchen team, who are committed to the “Slow Food” philosophy, prepare dishes with fresh local produce, hand-picked ingredients from the kitchen garden and aromatic spices from the herb garden.



The bar of WIESERGUT Hotel is a place to reflect the more or less important events and experiences of the day and to share them with other guests. Thomas Merton once put it aptly: “Happiness is not a question of intensity, but of balance, chronology, rhythm and harmony.” How right he was.

wieseralm mountain inn

Love for details helps to create a coherent whole. According to this motto, we have welcomed our guests at our Mountain Inn, set on the slopes of “Reiterkogel” mountain at a height of 1,500 metres for many years.