Arrive, slow down, enjoy

‘Griaß di’, can be heard from far away when someone enters the Wiesergut. Friendly, determined and part of the vernacular. Along with a slice of home-baked bread with chives from the garden, a refreshing home-made elderberry lemonade and warm, aromatic refreshing hand wipes.

Not a contrived, stilted welcome ritual, but one that befits the person. But one that makes you feel like you have arrived. Welcome. Wanted. And that is how a trusting co-operation comes about, where everyone feels great.

Hanging out in the garden

After you check-in one of the 17 farm and seven garden suites await, that – just like all of the Wiesergut – exude a very special style. Let your holiday begin. Fancy just hanging out? Then head to the garden where the hammocks await for you to enjoy a contemplative doze. Or just read an exciting book again for once. Or just daydream. That is something.

Top-notch gastronomy with recommended wines

And when after a wonderful day hunger kicks in, then head for your evening meal. Along with Slow Food top-notch food using regional produce, let our specialists recommend a special bottle of wine for you. Guaranteed to hit the mark. After all, they know what’s good. Just give it a try.

Something special to finish

And to finish a wonderful day, a drink at the very well-stocked bar ought to feature. Here too the Wiesergut provides choice top quality, with spirits from all over the world. There is something for everyone, even for you, that’s a promise. Maybe you would like a special gin or a little rum?

At some point bed will call, so you can dream of another wonderful day in your holiday. After all what could be nicer than pampering body, mind and soul with an invigorating snooze. You will see that enjoying a new day after having relaxed is a real blessing. You more than deserve it./p>